Linking patients and their families with hospitals, physicians and other healthcare professionals to enable new health and wellness services

The Connected Health and Wellness Project (CHWP) is a collaboration of sixteen public, private and academic partners who share a common vision for the future of healthcare. CHWP's main goal is to transform healthcare with a people-centered approach, for everyone, just like you! The CHWP incorporates leading technology and health coaching to promote healthy living. When fully implemented, this project will enable you and your family to make an informed choice about who sees and shares your personal health information. Simply using your smartphone, you will be able to:

  • Access critical personal health information right when you need it
  • Engage coaching services that support your individual health and wellness goals throughout your life
  • Easily schedule hospital and doctor appointments
  • Keep track of medications
  • Maintain and update an electronic history of your children’s health records
  • Use a broad array of online healthcare tools such as after care information/management

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Major Partners

York University
NexJ Systems
McMaster University
Academic Partners
Industry Partners
Healthcare Partners
Primary Affiliates
With the support of the
Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario
With support from Canada's Economic Action Plan