A common vision focused on people-centered health

The Connected Health and Wellness Project (CHWP) is a collaboration of 19 public, private, and academic partners and affiliates  who share a common vision for the future of healthcare. CHWP’s driving premise is that transforming Canada’s healthcare system means rapidly adopting a more people-centered approach to healthcare delivery: one that is focussed on enhancing life-long wellness though improved access to trusted health information, health coaching and technology advancements that sustain wellness.

Greater individual control over health and wellness

The Connected Health & Wellness Project has two goals:

  • to create components of the “Connected Wellness Platform” (CWP): a cloud-based software system to allow patients, their family, friends and professional care teams to collaboratively manage health and wellness through the use of innovative applications and the delivery of healthcare services; and
  • to build an educational platform for healthcare professionals that will be foundational for the emergence of future standards and practice competencies in the health coach profession, which will integrate the CWP into practice in health promotion, disease prevention, and chronic disease management .

At $37M, the Connected Health and Wellness Project (CHWP) was the single largest healthcare project and the largest project funded by the Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario built around a single vision.

Tools for longer healthier lives

New initiatives that integrate wireless and cloud-based computing, such as the systems and apps developed under Connected Health and Wellness Project (CHWP) offer people unique ways to take greater control of their own health and wellness. These technology breakthroughs are being built around a single compelling vision that puts people at the centre of healthcare. People-centered health is simply about giving individuals the tools they need to take more responsibility for their own health – enabling each and every individual to be as well as they can be. The goal: to keep more of us, healthier, longer. The game changing concept of people –centered healthcare is being realized because advances in technology make access to health information immediate, convenient, efficient and permit self-directed collaboration. When health information can be delivered easily and quickly to people, they will be better informed as to their actual condition, better educated on the alternative treatments available, and ultimately exercise greater control over the decisions they and their care team make about their own health and wellness.

People-centered Health illustration

It is testimony to the strength of this common belief that all partners (academic, industry, medical) have been able to work in a very compressed 2 year timeframe to deliver on this ambitious project.  New technologies and innovative healthcare practices and creating self-knowledge about wellness offer powerful tools for transforming healthcare into a people-centered and more effective system.