Project Governance & Leadership

The Lead Partner model of governance delivered success

Led by York University (Project Recipient), NexJ Systems Inc. & McMaster University, the Connected Health and Wellness Project employed a Lead Partner model of Governance. In this model, decisions at the Board and Operational levels relied on collaborative decision-making and leadership from each of the three lead partners.

In practice, Board and Management decisions were collaborative – although not all partners agreed with every decision, there was an equitable distribution of risks and rewards across the two years of the project.

CHWP Organizational Structure

CHWP organizational structure

Lead partners brought different skills, cultural norms, languages, values and affiliations to the table. Their insights and understanding of critical technical and operational matters greatly increased the project’s reach and enabled more efficient management of 16 disparate partners and their respective affiliations. The lead partners’ willingness to put the collective vision and the project ahead of self-interest made it possible to rely on collaborative decision-making. The project was a better project and a more robust model because of the unique management challenges that were faced and overcome.

Board of Directors

The CHWP Board of Directors acted as the ultimate decision-making body for the project itself. The Board met quarterly to regularly review progress and oversee financial management. In addition, Board members provided high-level, strategic counsel about commercialization, branding and marketing efforts, and/or expansion into new user settings for the CHWP. The Board was chaired by Dr. Harvey Skinner, Dean of the Faculty of Health, York University and was comprised of the following members:

Dr. Harvey A. Skinner, Chair, CHWP Board of Directors
Dean, Faculty of Health
York University

Mr. William M. Tatham
Chief Executive Officer
NexJ Systems Inc.

Dr. David Price
Professor and Chair of the Department of Family Medicine
McMaster University

Mr. Roger Coudrey
Vice-President (Administration)
McMaster University

Dr. Robert Hache
Vice-President, Research and Innovation
York University

Mr. David Shepherd
Senior Vice-President of Technology and Chief Technology Officer
NexJ Systems Inc.

The CHWP Board of Directors held 6 meetings and 1 evening retreat over the course of the project.

CHWP Advisory Committee

The CHWP Advisory Committee, as mandated under the Contribution Agreement between York University and The Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario, acts in an informal capacity to provide high level counsel from a variety of perspectives and assist with outreach to support the long-term sustainability of the project.

In October of 2012, the CHWP Board approved the creation of the CHWP Advisory Committee with a formal mandate to provide high level counsel to the CHWP Board on how best to:

  • Facilitate the development of new content and applications for the Connected Wellness Platform (CWP) and the CHWP model
  • Improve and deepen subscribership to the CWP by identifying potential new business development and commercialization opportunities
  • Ensure long-term project sustainability by sharing and building on CHWP successes
  • Develop the CHWP and partner brand recognition nationally and internationally.

The Advisory Committee’s membership was drawn from the broader healthcare and e-health community and reflects the multi-disciplinary nature of the CHWP Collaboration (public/private/academic). It was chaired by Dr. Vaughan Glover, CEO of the Canadian Association for People-Centred Healthcare (CAPCH), a primary affiliate of the CHWP.

The Committee was comprised of 14 members:

Don Juzwishin
Albert Health Services

Doug Angus
University of Ottawa

Gary Ryan
Southlake Regional Health Centre

John Soloninka

Justine Hamilton
Lear Communications Inc

Mel Casalino
eHealth Ontario

Susan Elliot
University of Waterloo

Donna Byrne
Health Access Sante

Dr. Antonia Arnaert
McGill University

Glenn Berall
Infant Child & Adolescent Nutrition Clinic

Joseph Dal Molin
E-cology Corporation

Linda Eagan
Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation

Sean Southey
PCI Media Impact

Thomas Cannel
New York Health Department

Since its inception, the Advisory Committee has held 6 meetings. The Committee reported periodically to the Board on its views, findings and recommendations to advance the intent of the CHWP and to inform the development of a strategy and action plan for the sustainability of the business model.

On May 2014, the Advisory Committee submitted its final report and recommendations to the CHWP Board. A copy of the final report can be obtained from:

Dr. Harvey A. Skinner, Chair, CHWP Board of Directors
Dean, Faculty of Health
York University

Dr. Vaughan Glover, Chair, CHWP Advisory Committee
Canadian Association for People-Centred Healthcare (CAPCH)