A small management team

A compact team responded quickly as issues arose

Reflecting the lead partner governance model, oversight of project business operations was the responsibility of a Management Team consisting of Antoinette Wells, Project Manager, York University. Tracey Carr, Director, Family Medicine, McMaster University and Ken Ono, Vice-President, Commercialization, NexJ Systems Inc. The Management Team met bi-weekly throughout the project, via conference call, to discuss and resolve issues and to track progress on implementation.

CHWP Management Team

CHWP Management Team

The work of the Management Team was supported by two Committees also staffed by lead partner representatives.

Communications Committee

Responsible for strategic oversight of project communications, CHWP’s Communication Committee was mandated to:

  • Identify, map and manage the key communications and educational activities for the Connected Health & Wellness Project (materials, skills and resources);
  • Provide a forum for discussion of common Communications needs, including messaging, tools and resources to be coordinated through CHWP Communications Team and with our partners;
  • Ensure that CHWP maximizes the reach to key target audiences provided through the participating partners, with their respective communications networks; and
  • Act as a catalyst for discussion of the ongoing communications required to support the planned commercialization activities of CHWP.

Committee membership consisted of communications representatives from each of the three lead partners and the Management Team.

Frank Clarke
Director of Communications, York University, Chair

Tracey Carr

Anubha Sant

Veronica McGuire

Ken Ono
NexJ Systems

Matthew Bogart
NexJ Systems

Antoinette Wells
CHWP Project Manager

Zemina Meghji
CHWP Communications Co-ordinator

The Committee held over 25 monthly meetings and was active in contributing and approving all CHWP Communications.

Architecture Committee

The Architecture Committee was established as forum for technical teams from NexJ Systems Inc. and McMaster University to discuss and resolve issues related to the systems architecture required to deliver the new technologies.

Led by Ken Ono of NexJ and Tracey Carr of McMaster, the Architecture Committee met throughout the project and was assisted in their work by technical specialists from Mohawk College.