The Connected Health & Wellness Project has succeeded in connecting and catalyzing prominent industrial and academic Southern Ontario organizations.

CHWP has succeeded in completing and integrating Ontario‐developed software components from NexJ and OSCAR and made them available on the cloud. This integrated solution includes a personally controlled health record ( PHR) developed by the McMaster University MyOSCAR team, McMaster’s OSCAR Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and it leverages York University’s leadership in health coaching, eHealth (online) and mHealth (mobile) research into a single platform.

Performance Metrics

CHWP offers real solutions to urgent healthcare issues including the fiscal impacts associated with the proliferation of chronic disease in Canada today. Through strategic public-private investments, CHWP partners continue to generate wealth, highly skilled jobs and enhanced opportunities for commercialization of innovative cloud-based technologies along with the planned emergence of a new health coaching profession.


Since the beginning of the project, CHWP has consistently exceeded its employment and job creation/maintenance targets. Over 3289 person-months of employment were created: a 38% increase over our target of 2380. Employment generated through CHWP activities represents over 274 person-years of employment and 122 FTEs in high-quality jobs.

Employment and Job Creation Chart


CHWP partners built an extensive web of partnerships across the project which has contributed to our success. To date, the number of direct partnerships in the project is 16 the number of new partnerships and collaborations is 27.

 In-Kind Investments (Contributions by the Partners)

The value of CHWP in-kind investments is $16.8M dollars – due largely to the significant in-kind investment of approximately $15M from NexJ Systems.

New Innovations

The total number of new products, processes or services, processes or practices developed under CHWP is 40 and includes:

  • New Basic Certificate Health Coach Training Modules and Advanced HC Training Modules from York University’s Faculty of Health along with new course offerings and roll-out in the Spring of 2014
  • Improvements to NexJ Connected Wellness and Beth Isreal Deaconess Medical Center’s Passport to Trust
  • The next generation of McMaster’s OSCAR (EMR), MyOSCAR 3.0 PHR and the new Know2Act technology
  • An extensive suite of health recipes and meal plan videos from George Brown College of Applied Arts and Technology
  • The Your Health Connection Video series from Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology
  • Video Chat technologies, a gaming app (BringItOn) and a new childhood health coaching tools from Centennial College of Applied Arts and Technology

 CHWP delivered on all commitments, and then did a little more…………

  • York’s research into the effects of health coaching on Type 2 Diabetes and other chronic diseases using NexJ’s innovative health coaching software is showing positive.
  • Three IT systems integrations were completed between NexJ’s Connected Wellness and key players in Ontario’s healthcare system (including Southlake Regional Health Centre, Balck Creek Community Health Centre and University Health Network) – exceeding the planned two integrations and extending the reach of the NexJ’s new patient-centred technology. The integration with Black Creek Community Health Centre alone stands to benefit all Community Health Centres across Ontario.
  • Under CHWP, McMaster’s OSCAR (Electronic Medical Record) Adoption Projections have exceeded expectations by 191% with 553 new primary care physicians (184% of projected) and 275 new specialist physicians (229% of target) in Ontario. These are conservative reflections of overall OSCAR adoption in Canada, as they capture only OntarioMD-funded physicians.
  • During the period of the CHWP, OSCAR EMR soared to #2 EMR in Ontario and continues to be highly sought after. It is anticipated that the 2014 release of the substantial and transformative development enabled by CHWP will further OSCAR’s adoption substantially.