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NexJ Systems Inc., a Canadian-owned and operated public company, is a provider of cloud-based, people-centric, solutions to the healthcare, insurance, and financial industries. Our next-generation, people-centered software combines industry-specific functionality with information from multiple applications and data stores to provide comprehensive knowledge of the individual. Healthcare organizations use this knowledge to effectively coordinate care, increase patient safety, and enable proactive interactions that deepen patient engagement and promote healthy behaviors.

NexJ was founded in 2003 by an executive management team with more than 25 years of experience in the successful design and delivery of large-scale, distributed, people-centric enterprise solutions. Based on this deep domain knowledge, NexJ’s team of architects and product development, product management, and professional services personnel have specifically designed and engineered solutions to address the complex information management problems facing large healthcare, financial services and insurance organizations today.

NexJ’s health solutions take a people-centered approach to healthcare. We believe many of the pressing issues facing healthcare — maintaining the quality of care, ensuring patient safety, and managing the cost and scope of services — can be solved by putting the patient at the center of their health and wellness. People-centered health allows people to be informed about their health condition, educated as to the alternative treatments available, and ultimately responsible for the decision they make about their health and wellness. By engaging people in their wellness, and then supporting them to be responsible, people will take steps to prevent and manage their condition. This has a profound impact on improving patient outcomes and lowering health care system costs.

Many organizations are already benefiting from NexJ Connected Wellness today:

  • Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, an affiliate of the Harvard Medical School, has partnered with NexJ to develop Patient-friendly Care Plans, an online, interactive roadmap for health that extends beyond the office visit. Patient-friendly care plans is used to support patients through transitions in care through the delivery of lay-language, patient-friendly care plans. The care plans structure and document the interactions between provider and patient using an easy-to-use online template. Patients with a care plan are more satisfied with their care and are less likely to require re-admission for the same condition.
  • Massachusetts Health Information Highway (Mass HIway) – NexJ is helping improve the delivery of health care by providing a direct and secure link to the Mass HIway, with the goal of having every provider in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts connected. Once connected, healthcare providers will be able to securely access patient health information, create and deliver patient-friendly care plans that patients can share with their care team, family and friends, and drive sustainable behavior change with personal health coaching.
  • Leduc Beaumont Devon Primary Care Network – is using NexJ Health Coach to engage patients and to assist in chronic and pre-chronic management services as part of their Self Manage to Improve your Life Everyday (S.M.I.L.E.) healthcare program. Patients are using NexJ Health Coach to capture biometrics and track their daily activities using their smartphone or tablet. The S.M.I.L.E. team monitors patient progress and provide on-going support and encouragement to patients to drive sustainable behavior change.
  • Black Creek Community Health Centre uses NexJ Health Coach to deliver a personalized health coaching program for patients living with Type II Diabetes. In collaboration with health coaches from York University’s Kinesiology program, physicians in the Health Centre are able to prescribe personalized wellness plans for their patients and monitor their progress. Patients enrolled in the program track their biometric measurements, meals, and exercise using smartphones and receive remote coaching to improve outcomes.

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