Connected Wellness Platform

A patient-facing NexJ Connected Wellness is a patient-facing digital platform for cloud-based population health management.

NexJ Connected Wellness incorporates mobile and wearable technologies to deliver patient engagement for chronic disease management.

Enterprise-Ready OSCAR

An easy-to-use proven Electronic Medical Record

The EMR of choice for ambulatory hospital settings and larger institutions such as Public Health Departments.


Next gen patient-controlled Personal Health Record

The digital health ecosystem lets individuals securely connect to anyone in their circle of care.


Full integration with any EMR, EHR, and PHR systems

Know2Act is a “social-network” to facilitate clinical practice information exchange between professionals.

App Tool Kit

Open-source, standards-driven code for health apps

This toolkit code base has been expressly designed to stimulate development of further health applications.


Explore applications that are now in use or development

See how CHWP partners are breaking new ground with provider- and patient-centered applications.