A system for patient-specific exercise

Centennial’s BringItOn (a patient-specific physical coaching system) is designed to allow implementation of patient-specific physical exercises, to provide real-time feedback of correctness of the executions, as well as to record and show the history of all exercises. BringItOn can be easily integrated in the NexJ or any wellness platform.

Monitoring and real-time feedback capabilities

The full functionality will allow doctor recording of a patient-specific exercise, interchanging of exercise information (via NexJ platform) and monitoring the activity of the patient performing the exercises by recording the levels of achievements and providing real-time feedback.

Broad universal applications

The potential of the system is immense. While the game-market allows many physical exercises to be performed and their correctness ranked, currently there is no such system that allows patient-specific exercises to be designed, executed and analyzed. BringItOn can be used to design exercises for elderly or obese people, persons with disabilities or even performing athletes.