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A healthy twist on classic recipes

A team of culinary researchers at George Brown have reinvented classic recipes with a healthy twist for their part in the larger Connected Health and Wellness Platform.

When it comes to food, we have more choices than ever before. From international cuisine to fad diets, it can be overwhelming to navigate and educate yourself about what healthy eating looks like.

That’s where Your Healthy Kitchen comes in. Made up of students and faculty, the research team at George Brown chose recipes that families across Canada already love—like macaroni and cheese, beef enchiladas and stuffed red peppers—and made them healthier. By changing just a few steps and ingredients, the recipes have reduced the salt, fat and sugar content without changing the taste.

A Tour of Global Flavours

The recipes were chosen to represent the diverse, multicultural nature of Canada’s cuisine. The 72 recipes the team has developed span four courses (entrees, desserts, sides/appetizers and snacks) and four ethnicities. The recipes are also featured in high production live-action cooking show filmed in the Health eHome at George Brown College’s Waterfront Campus. 34 videos were filmed in total—22 recipes and 12 tip videos—to illustrate just how simple it can be to make meaningful small changes.


The Your Healthy Kitchen  series is designed to encourage the adoption of healthy habits through small changes—swapping out an ingredient rather than completely changing a diet.

Personal pizzas
Personal pizzas

Sample these healthy and delicious recipes! (PDFs)

What’s next?

A second segment of this project will involve Dr. Glenn Berall and his initiative to educate families about healthy living and eating. Dr. Berall is a pediatrician specializing in childhood obesity and came to George Brown’s Food and Innovation Research Studio (FIRSt) to inspire a new generation of children to get in the kitchen and empower them at a young age to make healthy choices for a lifetime. This new video series features a real-life mom and son team cooking alongside a GBC culinary student, learning how to incorporate children into the ritual of mealtime.

The Kids Table: Spaghetti Squash

The Kids Table: Mini-Meatloaf Muffins

The Kids Table: Springtime Risotto

Try one of the Kids Table Recipes Today! (PDFs)