A new level video conferencing capabilities

Centennial has developed a Cross-Platform Video Conferencing System. A multi-purpose communication system using HTML 5 standards of web was developed. Main functions of the system include video, audio, text, and photo transmission. The main benefit of using HTML 5 standards is that the end user will not have to install anything on their computer, unlike with Skype.

Platform independent

It functions on nearly every platform that exists, including mobiles, laptops, desktops, tablets. A session management interface allows an administrator to make changes to video chat sessions, if a situation arose where the date, time, or other details of the session would not work for certain users. This role would usually be filled by the physician or another individual that created the session initially. The server is the most important part of the system. It is responsible for creating the connection when one user places a call to another. Two versions of the server were built for the duration of this project.

Ongoing development

Functionality includes: Video/audio calling between 2 recipients; text based chat and transmission of photos and other types of files. Centennial is currently in talks with NexJ about next stages in development, which could include:

  • Conference calls with large numbers of recipients.
  • Accessibility features such as text to voice and vice versa.
  • Customizable interface for easier use by different users.
Video chat interface
Current video chat prototype interface