Your Health Connection Video Series

Under the direction of Dawn Mercer, PhD Research Coordinator, CDOT and Mark Jones, Chair Department of Arts Animation and in collaboration with York University and NexJ Systems, Seneca College has developed a suite of Health Coaching Videos designed to educate patients, healthcare providers and the general public about health coaching. Using trusted sources of information on health coaching practices, these videos showcase the benefits of health coaching in the management of chronic diseases such as diabetes and depression.

The Your Health Connection Video Series also provides useful tips and practices to promote and sustain a healthy lifestyle for individuals of any age.

Managing Learned Helplessness

Depression can be managed through better thinking. Snap out of Defeatest Thinking

Mindfulness and Relaxation

Understanding the impact of simple breathing and how it will help reduce anxiety levels. Breathing stimulates the Vegus Nerve, the central mechanism in being able to calm down. An incisive review of current neuroscience, on the immediacy of brain tissue and brain function responses to “Mediation/Mindfulness Practice”

Exercise Goes Directly to Your Brain

Get moving to feel better, think better “Live Better”

Healthy Body, Healthy Brain

Staying aware of what and when you eat helps to manage weight, mood and energy levels better. Making the connection between food intake and “general feelings of wellness” + “Mental Sharpness”

How a Health Coach Can Help Your Practice

Video coming soon

A clear and concise perspective on the benefits of Health Coaching to a medical practice. Benefits include higher throughout for physicians offices (cost effectiveness in the health system) and better quality of care and improved results for the patients

Recovering from an MI

Support and inspiration to people recovering from a heart attack. Support and inspiration for family members. Real adoption of mild exercise, nutritional health and stress

Type 2 Diabetes: Making the Right Moves

Health Coaching as a method to assisting and supporting people with T2DM, in behavior change.

Type 2 Diabetes Youth: Don’t Play with Your Health

Health Coaching to assist and support young people with T2DM to adopt healthy lifestyles.

Photo Journal Your Way to Health

How taking pictures of the foods you eat can create awareness of how portion size, calories and meal content affects your health.

What a Health Coach Can Do for You!

A general introduction to the concept, methodology and process of Health Coaching and how the resource can be a key contributor to the clients “self-managed” health & wellness strategy.