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The biggest issue facing healthcare today is the chronic disease epidemic. According to the World Economic Forum, the global cost of the five leading non-communicable diseases is expected to total $47 trillion over the next 20 years. Controlling the rise in chronic disease requires that people actively participate in the self-management of their own health and wellness. When this is achieved, outcomes will improve and the cost of care will be lower.

NexJ Connected Wellness is a patient-facing platform for population health management that is used to empower patients to better self-manage their chronic conditions.

NexJ Connected Wellness Platform screens

Educate Patients at the Point-of-Care

Healthcare professionals (HCPs) can effectively and efficiently educate patients at the point-of-care using infographic teaching presentations designed to make condition and/or treatment conversations highly engaging, memorable and actionable. A record of the patient-doctor interaction including the presentation, audio, as well as any notes, images, and test results are made available to the patient, improving information retention and adherence.

Collaborate with Patients and their Full Circle of Care

Deliver patient-friendly care plans and keep patients informed as to their condition, treatment history, next steps and ‘what if’s’, helping to avoid unnecessary hospital readmissions. Patients can share their care plan with their circle of care, which includes all of their healthcare providers, family, friends and advocates, improving the support they receive from all of their caregivers. Anyone in the patient’s circle of care can securely communicate with each other to discuss the patient’s care using a smartphone, tablet or through the web. Patients can also schedule appointments and complete assessments online, improving clinical efficiencies.

Motivate Patients to Lead Healthier Lives

With personal health coaching, HCPs can ensure patients receive the support they need to, for example, eat healthy, exercise, and take and their medications as prescribed. Using Connected Wellness, patients connect to a health coach and together they establish the patient’s wellness goals and create a personalized wellness plan. The patient tracks their behaviors and biometrics using their mobile device and receives timely feedback and encouragement from the coach. When patients understand the impact their behaviors have on their wellness and how they feel, they will be motivated to adopt healthier behaviors, driving sustainable behavior change.

Capabilities of NexJ Connected Wellness

Circle of Care

The Circle of Care consists of the patient’s personal network of inter-professional healthcare providers, family, friends, and advocates – anyone who is supporting the patient in their health and wellness. The Circle of Care is created and controlled by the individual.

Individuals can share their personal health information with members of their Circle of Care so they receive support in achieving health and wellness goals.
Members of the individual’s Circle of Care can exchange secure messages with each other and with the patient to improve care collaboration.

Circle of Care illustration

Point-of-Care Patient Education

NexJ Health Pro is a revolutionary iPad app for interactive patient education. It is used by is used by healthcare professionals (HCPs) to effectively and efficiently educate patients at the point-of-care. HCPs choose from an expansive library of infographic teaching presentations designed to make condition and/or treatment conversations highly engaging, memorable, and actionable. Content is current and developed in collaboration with key opinion leaders.

During an office visit, the HCP uses a tablet to deliver the presentation, captures audio of the discussion if desired, and may add notes, images, photos, and/or test results. The outcome is a personalized Patient Visit Record (PVR), delivered as a video and made available to the patient on NexJ Connected Wellness. The PVR is shareable by the patient with his or her circle of care, including the patient’s other healthcare professionals, family, friends, and advocates. The voiceover capture makes it ideal for multilingual and low literacy patients.

iPad Connected Wellness

Patient-facing Care Plans

Based on the proven Passport to TRUST™ program developed at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, a Harvard Medical School affiliate, NexJ Transitional Care Management is used to support patients through transitions in care, including post-discharge.

HCPs can create lay-language, patient-facing care plans that communicate to patients and their circle of care the details around the patient’s condition, what treatments have happened to date, what treatments are expected to occur next, and what to do in case of adverse events. This better informs patients of the role they can play, and provides greater collaborative care and comfort to patients post-discharge, all of which reduces unnecessary hospital re-admissions.

With the shared care plan, patients and their family are more informed and less likely to return to hospital for care that can be best managed elsewhere in the community. Instead, patients are more likely to get the right care, at the right time, in the right place. If patients have any questions, they can chat with their healthcare provider on the platform.



Patients can request and cancel appointments online. HCPs can manage their calendars as a team or individually and they can easily view and approve the list of requested appointments. Patients receive appointment reminders by email, reducing the likelihood of no-shows. If there is a cancellation, wait lists are automatically queried ensuring schedules are filled to capacity at all times. Online scheduling allows HCPs to process more appointments in less time and maximize schedule utilization. Schedule screens

Surveys and Questionnaires

Patients can complete pre- and post-clinical surveys and assessments online, allowing HCPs to consistently apply clinical best practices, quickly identify potential problems, and take corrective action. With no forms to fill out in the clinic, administrative workload is reduced, appointments window can be shortened, the size of waiting rooms can be decreased, allowing providers to process more people and maximize clinical throughput.


Secure Messaging

Individuals can securely communicate with their HCPs and members of their Circle of Care about their health and condition using Secure Messaging.
Messages can be sent in-context of a condition, and can include attachments and hyperlinks.

Personal Health Coaching

NexJ Health Coach enables providers to deliver coaching services through mobile devices and the web enabling people to more effectively manage their chronic conditions and work toward their health and wellness goals. People capture their health activities and measurements via their own devices such as pedometers (e.g., FitBit, Nike +, etc.), blood glucometers, blood pressure cuffs, smartphones, and Apps, and all of this data is accumulated in their record on NexJ Connected Wellness.

The Health Coaches and others supporting them can see their progress, and through secure messaging deliver on-going feedback and encouragement to the patients. This allows people to develop an understanding of the relationship between their behaviors, biometric results, how they feel, and their wellness which drives the motivation necessary for positive, sustained behavior change.

Using analytical dashboards, health coaches can efficiently manage large populations of patients. Coaches can easily monitor how each patient is doing, and which ones require the nudges, support, or interventions to keep them on track.

The ‘trackers’ available on NexJ Connected Wellness are virtually limitless, and more can be easily added as necessary. NexJ Health Coach can be used to deliver personal health coaching programs such as medication adherence, diabetes, hypertension, general health and wellness, and more.

Health Coach screen

Health Library

Trusted content includes documents, videos, hyperlinks to information that providers make available to patients. Patients use the information to learn more about their condition, medications, treatments, etc.

Information is delivered to patients in-context of their condition. It can also be targeted to patients based on demographics, prescription history, and any other information the individual is willing to share.

Patients can also opt-in to receive specific product and service recommendations such as healthy recipes, exercise classes, and recommended food to purchase.


In NexJ’s experience, provider collaboration and patient engagement are maximized when patients and providers are able to access and share information at any location and any point in time. Thus, NexJ Connected Wellness can be deployed on any web portal or mobile device. In addition, all NexJ Connected Wellness solutions are mobile-enabled for iOS and Android smartphone and tablet devices.

Integrations in Action

Three IT system integrations, now completed, permit healthcare providers at Black Creek Community Health Centre, the University Health Network and Southlake Regional Health Centre to connect with patients using NexJ’s Connected Wellness Platform and Health Coaching software. This service is free to patients. Learn more.