Enterprise-Ready Oscar

An easy-to-use proven Electronic Medical Record (EMR)

OSCAR, a leading open-source Electronic Medical Record (EMR) originally created by McMaster University and now managed by the not-for-profit organization OSCAR EMR (www.oscar-emr.org), was a core technology targeted for enhancement through the Connected Health and Wellness Project.

The Project recognized the critical role that EMRs will play in enabling clinician engagement in the paradigm shift to truly person-centred health. Further, it understood that meaningful connection between EMRs and consumer-facing health technologies such as McMaster’s MyOSCAR Personal Health Record (PHR) and NexJ Connected Wellness will be a key success factor in realizing our shared vision for person-centred health.

To that end, investment supported the enhancement of OSCAR as an “Enterprise Ready” solution, positioning it as an EMR of choice for ambulatory hospital settings and larger institutions such as Public Health Departments.

Enhancements included:

  • Improving the look, feel and intuitive ease of use of OSCAR;
  • Offering greater ability to customize OSCAR to respond to the unique preferences and workflow of users across different specialties, roles and contexts; and
  • Increasing OSCAR’s interoperability with other technologies, such as hospital information systems, provincial eHealth systems, clinical health tools and applications by achieving IHE verification for OSCAR.

OSCAR User Interface: New Look and Feel

The User Interface upgrade for OSCAR 14 involves an improvement to the look and feel of core screens in OSCAR, enhanced using Twitter Bootstrap. Upgrades include:

  • Changes to Layout and Workflow
  • Navigation & Layout
  • Omnipresent Navigation
  • Customizable Menus
  • Active, Responsive Patient List

New: Admin Layout

New: Admin Layout screen
Icon-based navigation, for ease of use with tablets and mobile devices

New: Admin Schedule

Schedule screen
Schedule screen
Adding an appointment screen
Adding an appointment
Autocomplete fields screen
Autocomplete fields

New: Clinician Landing Page

New: Clinician landing page screen

Specialist Customizations

New: Consults User Interface

New: Consults user interface screen

New: Consults user interface screen 2

  1. Scheduling
  • Scheduling enhancements to include single patient scheduled with multiple providers improves usability for specialist and team-based clinic services
  • Ability to schedule for more than one group or clinic concurrent better servers the ambulatory or program-based environment supported by a common reception/administration service

New: Patient Encounter Experience and Apps

  • Seamless integration with value added applications:
  1. MyOSCAR 3.0 (Personal Health Record)
  2. Know2Act (clinical decision support from trusted network of sources)
  3. NexJ Connected Wellness
  4. ClinicalConnect
  5. IntelliDASH (practice-based analytics)

New: Patient Encounter Experience and Apps screen