OSCAR Chronic Disease Management Tools

Health Tracker

The Health Tracker module allows providers to view and access all of the measurements and chronic disease management indicators available in a patient’s electronic health record, including flowsheets that contribute to effective management of a patient’s health.  By replacing the Measurements Section with the Health Tracker, OSCAR will provide a centralized hub for providers to better manage metrics that are linked to improved health outcomes for people with chronic diseases.

Chronic Pain Management

The Pain Module/Pain Assistant is one component of the Health Tracker tool, created to facilitate improved identification of people with chronic pain, and to then monitor measurements, symptoms and indicators associated with best-practice chronic pain management with a focus on improved quality of care and patient experience.

Chronic Kidney Disease

The CKD Module is included in the Health Tracker tool and has been designed to offer providers  evidence-based decision-support tools to better identify, diagnose and manage patients at risk of, or with, chronic kidney disease.