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Full integration with any EMR, EHR, and PHR systems

Imagine as a clinician having the best evidence and information from sources you trust presented to you in your EMR just when you need it to help make effective decisions at the point of care. No extra searching required. Critical appraisal of the information already completed, and key conclusions pre-synthesized into decision-support prompts triggered by patient context. Imagine being able to comment on and rate the information presented, and to post your own information that will benefit all who trust you, including clinicians and patients. Imagine as a patient receiving helpful information and recommendations from your trusted circle of care directly into your Personal Health Record (PHR) that specifically targets the health-related events or challenges you are dealing with right now.

Real-time information exchange and sharing

Imagine as a health care organization having a tool that enables you to ensure preferred evidence and best practices are presented to every member of your organization only when relevant at the point of care, enabling improved quality and consistency of care. Imagine that tool also facilitating dialogue and collaboration among your members and other trusted colleagues outside of your organization related to those best practices, leading to real -time evaluation, refinement and improved effectiveness of recommendations.

Visibility, communication, impact

Imagine as an organization with specialized expertise and information having g a tool with which you can directly influence point-of-care decisions. Imagine through that tool having visibility into, and direct communication with, every clinician and patient who trusts you and your information, enabling real-time feedback on the impact of that information on decisions and outcomes. Imagine knowing that the minute you make a change to your information, the next minute the updated information is available to your entire trusted network, including directly into EMRs. No need for lengthy and expensive negotiations with multiple EMR Vendors or dependency on disparate EMR release cycles to update best evidence.

Imagination becomes reality with the new Know2Act!

Connected scenario
This diagram captures the person-centred health that can be delivered through the integration of an EMR (e.g. OSCAR Enterprise or other) and a PHR or consumer health solution (e.g. NexJ Connected Wellness, MyOSCAR 3.0 or other) with Know2Act.