Patient-controlled Personal Health Record

MyOSCAR 3.0 is the next generation of McMaster University’s patient-controlled Personal Health Record (PHR) technology designed as the core component of a vibrant and evolving interoperable, person-centred digital health ecosystem responsive to the needs and interests of people through all phases of life.  MyOSCAR enables you to:

  • connect all the people who support you in achieving your health and wellness goals (e.g. anyone you choose to include in your circle of care);
  • act on another’s behalf (e.g. as parent/guardian of a child or as Power of Attorney) through your account connected to the other’s with their consent;
  • communicate securely with everyone in your chosen circle of care based on mutual consent
  • receive a copy of your health information from connected electronic systems used by your care providers and coaches (e.g. hospital information systems, EMRs used by physicians and other health professionals, applications used by Health Coaches, etc.);
  • share your health information with whomever you choose, enabling your health care providers, coaches, family members or other selected individuals to have access to, and with your consent contribute to, your information;
  • book or cancel appointments on-line, manage prescription renewals and use other on-line services available through connected clinics, coaches or hospitals, including those requiring payment electronically
  • track important information about your activities to improve health, support healing or manage a chronic condition; and
  • access a variety of health- and wellness-oriented applications (Apps), wearables and other devices, whether prescribed by your care team, recommended by people you trust or self-selected.

High Security

MyOSCAR 3.0 offers you the same security as a hospital information system or your physician’s EMR.  This includes keeping a complete audit of everything that happens in your MyOSCAR account, showing who viewed certain information or what information has been added or changed and by whom.  You can have confidence that you have full control of all aspects of your account.

MyOSCAR 3.0 offers:

Central place where you can access your health information and health information for those you support in reaching their own health goals.

MyOSCAR Chart interface

Ability to send and receive secure messages on behalf of individuals you support in their own care.

MyOSCAR Mailbox interface

MyOSCAR new message interface

Clinic Application

The Clinic Application (“Clinic App”) is designed to facilitate an easy interaction between the patient and the patient’s circle of care within a specific care context.

For Clinicians/Health Care Providers

The Clinic App is designed to facilitate easy integration of the MyOSCAR 3.0 Personal Health Record into daily clinic workflow within an EMR by providing clinics the ability to:

  • Set parameters for manual or automatic data sharing with members of its clinic, including sharing of:
    • Lab results
    • Allergy profile
    • Immunizations
    • Prescriptions
  • Set parameters for appointments that are accessible to be booked online for specific clinicians, services and/or teams
  • Send and receive secure messages using a common clinic account
  • Bill users for administrative transactions, including:
    • Providing immunization records
    • Sending prescription renewals
    • Other services as defined by the clinic

For Patients

The Clinic App allows for patients to “subscribe” to a clinic, and formally be authenticated as belonging to the specified health care facility or service. The Clinic App will provide patients the ability to:

  • Authenticate as belonging to a clinic
  • Book appointments online, upon authorization
  • Receive a copy of your medical information, upon authorization
  • Create and manage team-based relationships, upon authorization
  • Secure message the clinic, upon authorization
  • Pay clinic invoices
  • Stay up to date with general clinic notifications, through integrated social media
  • Receive notification when the circle of care changes