The “Educational Platform”

Technology assisted health coaching

York University’s Faculty of Health has an overarching goal: to enable more people to live healthier lives, for longer… The Connected Health and Wellness Project pushes the achievement of this goal through training of new health coaches and development of core competencies and standards for a new health coach profession.

Designed to be delivered to practicing health care providers

Within this context, Health Coach Training modules have been created and tested using the platform and developing core health coaching competencies. York will leverage the improved Health Coach software in the development of its certification course.

Health Coaching Basic Certification Program

York University’s Technology-Enabled Health Coaching Basic Certification Program offers training, tools and new skills.

Health Coach Advanced Training Modules

York University has developed 14 advanced training modules to support specialized scenarios including heart disease, mental illness and cancer.

Implementing Technology Assisted Health Coaching in a Corporate Wellness Program: White Paper

This whitepaper clearly outlines the framework for implementing a successful Technology Assisted Health Coaching component within a Corporate Wellness Program.

Taxonomy Childhood Obesity and Coaching

The team at Centennial created a summary of best practices for interactive media applications targeted to specific childhood obesity outcomes.