Empirically-based health coaching papers

Alongside the Technology Enabled Health Coach Training Basic Program, York’s Faculty of Health has developed 14 advanced training modules. These fourteen advanced modules will form the foundation for advanced training in specialized healthcare scenarios including heart, disease mental illness and cancer, as follows:

  • Brain Health and Health Coaching
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Health Coaching
  • Health Coaching Using Motivational Interviewing
  • Interpersonal, Couples and Family Therapies: Catalyzing change in relationships and through relationships
  • Health Coaching and Diabetes: How to guide disease management and prevention of worsening disease
  • Health Coaching and Cardiovascular Disease
  • Health Coaching for Prostate Cancer
  • Health Coaching for Breast Cancer
  • Health Coaching Corporate Employees
  • Reducing the Risks of Obesity and Diabetes in Corporate Employees with Self Assessment Biometrics and Personal Health Coaching.
  • Health Coaching for Chronic Pain: Acceptance and Commitment
  • Health Coaching and Cross Cultural Communication
  • Cross Cultural Communications: Insights from G. Hofstede and Colleagues
  • Promoting Exercise in Health Coaching
  • Promoting Healthy Eating
  • Health Coaching and University Youth: which health issues are frequently confronted and how to assist resolution