Implementing Technology Assisted Health Coaching in a Corporate Wellness Program: White Paper

Most top Canadian companies have wholly embraced the concept of utilizing Corporate Wellness Programs to improve key success factors such as:

  • Employee satisfaction & engagement
  • Productivity & absenteeism
  • Corporate reputation & attractiveness for the best talent
  • Disability & Medical Benefit costs

The more forward-looking organizations, focused on a “Best Place to Work” strategy, are looking at ways to provide time relevant, actionable and supportive tools and services within their Wellness Programs, in order to help their people to thrive and succeed in this demanding & stressful market environment.

The white paper aids commercialization of York’s Health Coach training and NexJ’s Health Coach software by mapping out a success strategy for organizations to maximize the overall benefits of their Wellness Programs, by incorporating Technology Assisted Health Coaching as a core component of their offering.

Goals of this White Paper

  1. Clearly outline the framework for implementing a successful Technology Assisted Health Coaching component within a Corporate Wellness Program
  2. Highlight the effectiveness of the Technology Assisted Health Coaching in driving sustained healthy behaviour shifts and the formation of new health habits
  3. Propose a template for the strategic integration of “Technology Assisted Health Coaching” into a corporate Wellness Program

Target Audiences for the White Paper

Corporate H.R. Leaders: C-suite executives; Business Unit Leaders; Health & Safety Committees and Existing Health & Wellness Committees

White Paper Content Layout is as follows:

  1. Information Gathering
  2. Propose Solution and obtain Corporate (Key Decision Maker) Buy-In
  3. Outline of Individualized Implementation Plan
  4. Conclusions

The White Paper is a collaborative effort between:

  • Dr. David Satok, Rogers Communications
  • Ken Ono and David Cruickshank, NexJ Systems
  • Dr. Paul Ritvo, York University
  • Gisele Bourgeois, Author, Connected Health & Wellness Project