Applied health coaching for individuals and groups

The Healthy Student Initiative (HSI) has applied health coaching in individual and group formats for students, faculty and staff at York University.

The goal was designing a scale-able approach that addressed physical and mental health problems within university environments. Stress and anxiety reduction was identified as a primary need and mindfulness meditation tutorials were developed to teach evidence-based stress reduction methods to interested student, faculty and staff.

Research-based benefits

Psychometric and neurophysiological research was undertaken on the great majority on these (consenting) individuals, estimating response effects related to the intervention. Findings indicate attendance at these tutorials and use of the methods was associated with psychological benefits. One article has been published and 3 other articles are being prepared for submission.

An online mindfulness meditation program has been developed to serve staff and students who cannot interrupt the workday to attend tutorials. This website: now serves students and staff with mindfulness instructions on a 24 hours /day basis.