Controlled health coaching with smartphone

This randomized controlled trial, conducted at Southlake Regional Health Centre, compared use of health coaching with smartphone – connected software (NexJ Connected Wellness – NexJ Systems Inc.) vs. health coaching without smartphone intervention. Over 350 diagnosed hypertensive individuals were assessed using 24-hour ambulatory blood pressure assessments. From this group, the intervention focused on the 65 individuals found to be study-eligible.

Journal articles in progress

During the course of assessment 60% of subjects were found to have nocturnal hypertension (i.e. abnormally high blood pressures at night), which represents a separate cardiac-mortality risk. As such we have completed an additional study where cardiac stress test results were used to identify physical factors predicting nocturnal hypertension. This journal article will be submitted before the end of project to a medical journal. The journal article reporting on the intervention project will be submitted following the end of the intervention when all results are tabulated and analyzed.